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   At the beginning of our article; Tea Silk way of Georgia, or "Putin's nightmare"-,; we defined some aspects of geopolitical game of China in the region of the Caucasus.

But the forthcoming visit in a month of the President of Armenia to China will have great geopolitical value not only for Armenia, but also for Georgia and Russia.

We have learned that the US Department of State has approved Georgia's $ 75 million anti-tank ( "Javelin")  money laundering scheme.

  Georgia has appealed to the United States to purchase 410 missiles, 72 flying-launch vehicles and 10 educational complexes. The US military took over the maintenance and transportation of equipment. The US Congress should approve the deal.

  "Javelin" is a US anti-tank missile complex designed for armored vehicles, as well as for low-flying and sluggish targets (helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles).

   Armenia also needs systems that will protect low-flying devices, including cranes. During the war in April 2016, Azerbaijan used bridges and Armenian forces recognized that they were badly protected from them. It's the biggest damage they've done.

   Our Academy experts say that in Armenia, the army is looking for systems that will neutralize the rods (see photo No-3)  . Our experts link the Armenian Defense Minister's visit to China in September (see photo No-1) . This was also discussed in the context of attempts to establish Armenian-Israeli relations, which has these technologies.

   Russia, as the experts of our Academy say, have no such technology. In the region, which Russia considers its zone of influence, appearance of such complexes is unacceptable to Moscow. Russia, apparently, has decided to develop its technology by upgrading the old ones (see photo No-2 ).

   Perhaps this is due to the fact that Armenia has not signed any agreements with China or Israel (in any case it has not been announced). Instead, Armenia has announced the purchase of "Igla-Super" anti-aircraft complexes from Russia.

  "Igla-S" is an anti-missile complex designed to detect targets up to 6000 meters and a height of 3500 meters.  The acquisition of the latest technology will allow for high fire density and create a helicopter resistance system. "Igla-S" is the best in its class in terms of the range of flight missiles and may even hit the smallest ropes. It is noteworthy that in the background of these events a Chinese delegation headed by Chinese Commissar for Security and Terrorism Chen Gopin (look at the picture No-4) arrived in Armenia. Mr. Gopin stressed that China attaches great importance to multilayer cooperation and intends to take additional steps in that direction. Cheng Guoping's visit will be a new impetus for Armenian-Chinese cooperation in the fight against terrorism and terrorism. The official message does not specify whether cooperation will provide equipment or systems for China.


  RA Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian received the delegation headed by the Chinese People's Republic, the Commissioner for Security and Terrorism Chen Gop.

   The press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia reports.     Welcoming the guest, Minister Nalbandian noted that in the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and China it can be noted with satisfaction that the relations between the two friendly countries are at a high level. He emphasized that regular high-ranking reciprocal visits contribute to the deepening and expansion of cooperation in different spheres.  Expressing gratitude for the reception, Commissioner Gopin emphasized that China attaches importance to the development of multifaceted cooperation with friendly Armenia and intends to take additional steps in that direction.

   The interlocutors touched upon the process of implementation of the agreements reached between the heads of the two states, Armenian-Chinese cooperation in a number of spheres and the joint efforts aimed at their enlargement.  The joint efforts of the international community in the fight against terrorism were highlighted at the meeting. In this context, Minister Nalbandian expressed conviction that Chen Gopin's visit would give a new impetus to the Armenian-Chinese cooperation in the fight against terrorism and terrorism. Perhaps its visit it was connected and with a traffic of the Chinese terrorists from East Turkestan ( Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) to Syria or for discussion of geopolitical paradigms, arisen after recent visit of the president of Armenia to India. Time will show soon.

Arayik Sargsyan: Honorary Consul of Macedonia in Armenia, President of the Geopolitical Academy.

Skopje. 21.11.2017


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