Expert on Israeli issues Karen Veranyan is the guest of "Noyan Tapan" information-analytic center.

09-01-2018 12:11:37   |   |  Discussion

The guest of "Discussion" program is Karen Veranyan, political scientist, Expert on Israeli issues Head of the Political Studies Department of the Noravank Foundation.

Topic: "The current situation and possible developments in the Middle East".

The show was hosted by Tigran Harutyunyan, PhD, the head of "Noyan-Tapan" information-analytical center.

The program airs live on the Armenian AABC TV channel in the USA , on  Noyan Tapan website at , on  “Noyan Tapan” Youtube channel  , and also on “Noyan Tapan” Facebook page  ,  and on  “Noyan Tapan TV”  Facebook page .


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