Geopolitical Situation in the Caucasus after NATO Deputy Secretary General's visit

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We already wrote about important discussion which took place between Deputy Secretary General of the NATO -  Ms. Rose Gottemoeller Vs Honorary Consul of Macedonia  - Arayik Sargsyan Rose Gottemoeller Vs Arayik SargsyanDeputy Secretary General of the NATO Vs  Honorary Consul of Macedonia.Yerevan.Armenia.18.12.2017  . - see please:  and

In Brussels in 2018 The summit, scheduled for July, offers the Alliance NATO - Georgia a new level of NATO - Armenia relations. 2018 NATO summit will be held in summer, from which Georgia and Armenia are waiting for a great deal.

Georgian Foreign Minister Janelidze said after meeting with NATO Secretary General, the progress made during the meeting gives grounds to assume that the Assembly will be successful for Georgia.

"At the Warsaw Summit, it was unanimously stated that Georgia has all the practical tools necessary for NATO membership and we use them," he said.

Moscow is concerned over the expansion of Georgia's military cooperation with the United States and NATO. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Karasin and Georgian government spokesman Abashidze said in a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry. Moscow believes that Tbilisi's course threatens normalization of bilateral relations.

Earlier, the American analytical Heritage Foundation published a report in which it is believed that Georgia may be offered membership in accelerated mode. "In Brussels in 2018, The summit, scheduled for July, suggests the Alliance to raise NATO-Georgia relations to a new level, fixing strong commitment of Georgia to full membership, "the report says.

Our academics are concerned that Georgia's accession to NATO will mean an inevitable war with Russia. Georgia may be proposed to become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty by supplementing Article 6 and temporarily excluding Abkhazia and Ossetia, occupied by Russia, from Article 5. This provisional measure will function as long as the internationally recognized area of ​​Georgia has not been restored by peaceful and diplomatic means.

Georgia's accession to NATO in the face of US confrontation can be perceived as a break in Russian policy. Russia, trying to keep the post-Soviet space in its sphere of influence, loses one after the other. Georgia can become the most painful blow.

The West, apparently, has changed the tactics of Russia. It is possible to accelerate the accelerated integration of the countries into the western blocs, which Russia considers its influence zone. Particularly, the European Union intends to propose to join the six Balkan countries at once to fight against Russia's influence and migration flow (Look at our analysis on this matter:Russia in a geopolitical paradigm of Macedonia” -

If the Balkan countries become the EU, and Georgia, NATO member, the ring around Russia will be tightened.

In case of possible Georgia's accession to NATO, Armenia may be regarded as Russia's "last outpost".

If Georgia joins NATO, relations between Armenia and Georgia may change. So far, the "pipes" linking Russia and Georgia are mainly "Armenian", the gas pipeline and the Lars highway. Will these roads be closed in case of tough confrontation between Russia and Georgia? On the other hand, in this case, the closer relations between Georgia and Armenia can be established, given that their interests are Russia's interests.

In the background, it was interesting to note that in May this year Armenia will hold NATO exercises before the Brussels summit. It should be added that from March 2th Armen Sargsyan, British special services agent becomes as the new President in Armenia and the picture will be completed.

Arayik Sargsyan, academician, Honorary Consul of Macedonia, President of Academy of Geopolitics, the Representative of AIC in the Countries of the Middle East



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