The Estafeta of the World IT Forum was passed to Armenia

26-02-2018 18:43:31   | Armenia  |  Press release
The Armenian delegation has returned from the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) being held in Hyderabad, India, by according a number of official and business meetings, success, and most importantly, receiving the Estafeta to host the WCIT in Yerevan, in 2019.

The members of the Armenian delegation to the WCIT 2018, Mr. Arman Khachatryan, the Deputy Min
ister of Transport, Communication and IT; Mr. Aleksandr Yesayan, the President of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE); Mr. Karen Vardanyan, the UITE Executive Director and Mr. Arman Poghosyan, the Director of Instigate Company have mentioned about this during the press conference.
Speaking about the success, Mr. Aleksandr Yesayan, the UITE President, has stressed the importance of the memorandum of cooperation with India, according to which the experience of "Armath" engineering laboratories would be then implemented in India. 
The next victory has been the WITSA Chairman’s Award to Tumo Creative Center. Mr. Aleksandr Yesayan has also mentioned: "High state officials from both India and other countries have attended the Congress.  The founders and presidents of the globally recognized Adobe, Honeywell, Coursera and many other companies have also been presented. By hosting such delegates in Yerevan in 2019, we can introduce them to Armenia's IT potential and attract investments".
Mr. Arman Khachatryan, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Communication and IT, has mentioned that the Congress might be a great opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities, and as it has been mentioned for several times, that Armenia could become access to the Iranian and Eurasian markets with best economic conditions. 
Mr. Arman Poghosyan, the Director of Instigate and a member of UITE board, has mentioned that in order to export "Armath" engineering laboratories, they’d been conducted meetings with not only India but also with representatives of Uganda and Ethiopia, who had also showed great interest. The aim of the export of "Armath" laboratories is to develop additional funds that will accelerate the process of implementing the "Armath" laboratories in all Armenian schools.
Mr. A. Poghosyan has also underlined that the experience of "Armath" would be one of the core points of the IT Congress being held in 2019. Why Armenia? Because there is a new generation: currently more than 5000 schoolchildren are involved in "Armath", they have already become another generation which shows the future of another Armenia. 
Mr. Karen Vardanyan, the UITE Executive, has noted that UITE had previously participated at WCIT nine times, and after receiving the right to host the conference in Armenia, the Union has immediately started to study the features and implementation tools of WCITs organized in Brazil, Taiwan and India, and in combination with its own experience, the UITE team would coordinate and organize the Congress to be productive
and effective.
In addition, Armenia received the rights to host WCIT 2019 thanks to UITE in Mexico back in 2014. WCIT is an international business communication and transaction platform where over 2k business people, innovators, government officials, supranational organizations, investors, and prominent scientists meet to introduce the trends and challenges of the sector by holding B2B meetings and discussions. WCIT has been organized since 1978 by WITSA (World Information Technology and Services Alliance-WITSA). UITE has joined WITSA since 2004 and Mr. Aleksandr Yesayan, UITE President has been elected as WITSA Board of Directors Member.
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