Artsakh Deputy Foreign Minister Armine Alexanyan՝s Meetings in Brussels

02-03-2018 19:38:04   | Belgium  |  Politics
On February 28, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh Armine Alexanyan met with Director of the European Friends of Armenia organization Diogo Pinto  in Brussels. During the meeting, the sides discussed a range of issues related to joint programs and their implementation.

On the same day, the Deputy Foreign Minister met with Director of the Armenian General Benevolent Union Europe Nicolas Tavitian and activists of the organization. During the meeting, the sides noted the importance of involving the Armenian youth, living in European countries, in nationwide programs, as well as of the proper use of their potential in raising the awareness of Artsakh in Europe and in developing the Artsakh-Armenia-Diaspora relations.
On March 1, in the Hay Dat Office in Brussels Armine Alexanyan met with Chairman of the European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy Gaspar Karampetian and some senior staff members. Issues related to further cooperation were discussed.
Then, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Artsakh had a working lunch with Member of the European Parliament Eleni Theocharous. The sides touched upon the developments underway in Artsakh and the current situation in the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Karabakh.
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