''Thousand bags for thousand socially unavailable children''

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Every summer before lessons start ''Shirak Centre'' implement a charitable project with the following headline ''Every child should have a backpacks, stationary, cloths in order to go to school'' for socially unavailable family who live in shpipping containers.
Within the project, socially unavailable children living in Gyumri and Shirak region will
be given handbags, stationary, cloths, hygiene supplies, etc. So that will not be devoid of the opportunity of getting proper education and school attendance because of lack of it.
''Shirak Centre'' is thankful to partner organizations and benefactors for their support. The things bought will be given while the visit to socuially unavailable children.
All about this project will be presented in social websites and www.shirakcentre.am.
''Shirak Centre'' NGO
Adress. 50/4 M.Khorenatsi, Gyumri, RA
Tax code: 05532775
Tel. +(374 91) 451337, +(374 55) 066992
You can donate through this bank account.
ASHB AM 22XXX 7 Gay str. GYUMRI,
USA – 2472601614240020,
 AMD - 2472601614240000,
 EUR – 2472603273480000
The donation was made by following people
1. Herman Hintiryan - USA
NGO Adress.
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