Cloud PBX solution by VivaCell-MTS: Cost-efficient services for companies

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VivaCell-MTS has launched cloud Private Branch Exchange (PBX) solution for big companies, as well as small and medium enterprises. 
Access to cloud PBX is being provided through Data and Internet channels (IP network) from anywhere inside Republic of Armenia.
Cloud PBX gives an opportunity to unite the offices of a company in various geographic locations under a single virtual “roof” by means of short numbers and a row of other services.
“Cloud PBX represents a useful and affordable solution for the corporate segment. This sphere is also in the focus of attention of VivaCell-MTS. By choosing the virtual corporate PBX offered
by VivaCell-MTS, companies will not only get another set of high-quality services but will be also able to significantly reduce their expenditures as compared to the traditional mode of corporate phone services provision”, VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian commented.  
The PBX has a flexible infrastructure, which lets customize its settings in a way as to meet the company’s needs as close to its activities and objects as possible.
In the frames of the VPBX service, the following features are available:
Call forwarding: forwards all calls to another phone number. 
Call waiting: when busy on a call, sends a distinctive tone to notify another incoming call is waiting 
          to be answered. This allows completing or holding the active call and answering the waiting  call. 
Conference call: allows customers to create and manage conference bridges 
Short numbering: allows making calls internally using short numbers.
Call recording: provides an opportunity to record the calls.
Basic package of services
          Number of extensions - 10 
Caller ID
Call hunt
Conference call
The monthly fee of the basic package is AMD 8 000 (incl. VAT).
Full package of services
Number of extensions - 50 
Caller ID
Full IVR
Call hunt
Conference call
Call recording
The monthly fee of the full package is AMD 15 500 (incl. VAT).
All prices include VAT.
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