Bug Bounty: e-Gov Hackathon Results Known

01-07-2019 15:57:01   | Armenia  |  Science and Technology

Within the framework of “State as a Client” (e-Gov) direction of the strategy of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE), the Union and
the ArmSec foundation have launched the Bud Bounty: e-Gov hackathon, to discover and solve the information security vulnerabilities in the e-government systems. 
Bug Bounty: e-Gov hackathon was held in the “Hay Tech” Armenian Cybersecurity Center with the involvement of 6 teams (around 30 specialists) and lasted for 20 hours. NGG, Haydouk and Bug Hunters teams were among the top three to discover the vulnerabilities in the e-government system. The prize fund is $ 2000, provided by hackathon supporters VXSoft and Grant Thornton Armenia companies. Grant Thornton Armenia also provides the opportunity to have an internship. 
“This is probably the first precedent of the cooperation between the state and white hat hackers, aimed at the system testing and discovery of vulnerabilities”, said Samvel Martirosyan.   
"Ucom is committed to support the realization of the e-Gov hackathon, the mere idea of which has been formed years ago in the Armenian IT community. In this important project, we provide full technical support via cloud solutions, internet and etc.", said Hayk Yesayan, the Co-founder and Director General at Ucom.
«We are in the state of hybrid warfare and it is important to win in all areas of the conflict, including information and cyber security”, said UATE Executive Director Karen Vardanyan.
Within the framework of Bug Bounty: e-Gov hackathon, a memorandum on cooperation was signed between UATE, represented by its Executive Director Karen Vardanyan, and the “Hay Tech” Cybersecurity Center Foundation, represented by the director Levon Petrosyan, aimed at ensuring the Armenian cybersecurity processes.
Let us note, that the Bug Bounty: e-Gov hackathon was held on June 28-29, 2019 by the UATE and the ArmSec foundation. The hackathon supporters are the “Hay Tech” Cybersecurity Center foundation, Ucom, VXSoft, Grant Thornton Armenia and 1Guard. 
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