The path from the metal container to the half-built house will no longer be repeated for the second generation of the family

Housing Problem Solved After 25 Years of Waiting

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The Aramyan family from Lusashogh village of Ararat region have been without a safe roof for 25 years. The Aramyans' children, raised in a metal container, have already managed to build their own families. 
The memories about the parents' home bring into mind a metal container then a half-built house that their father, Manuk, tried to build on credit but could not afford. The life course of the Aramyans has already changed after having joined the housing project of VivaCell-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia; the semi-constructed building has now become a home. Manuk's dream is fulfilled. The eldest son's, Aram's three children will no longer have to live the life that his children lived. Bad memories are in the past.
For 25 years the Aramyans celebrated New Year with the dream of having a home, and finally they are celebrating housewarming. To
share their happiness, the heads of VivaCell-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia visited Lusashogh.
“My joy is indescribably great. From now on, our family will live in the home with dignity. We have overcome many difficulties. We have lived both in a metal container and in a half-built house, but have never lost faith in having a home. We are grateful,” said the family father, Manuk.
“When I was very young, I thought a dream was like a fairy tale: it's more of a seemingly improbable goal. But I knew that in life you always need to dream, because it helps to strive, fight and achieve goals. I still hold this opinion today, and being provided with a roof in a constantly advancing world should not be a seemingly incredible goal but a mandatory and elementary condition for life. Unfortunately, there are cases when in a metal container or in a half-built house lives the second, and sometimes the third generation of the family, passing a difficult, desperate way. If we manage to solve the problem of at least one person, to strengthen the hope in himself, to see the determination not to leave the homeland, then we can say with confidence that we are implementing the right program. During each housewarming I have a great feeling of joy when I see in the eyes of the owners a glimpse of fulfilled dreams. This is the most important assessment of our partnership,”
said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.
“This family has lived in different places at different times; a metal container then a small room and a half-built house. It's time for them to enjoy owning a comfortable home and to create new and lively memories in their home. I am happy for the Aramyan family,” said Fuller Center for Housing Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan. 
Over the years of partnership, with the support of VivaCell-MTS, only in Ararat region, 12 houses have been built. This year, the number of supported families exceeded 200.
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