A. Mikaelyan. "Strategy of Armenia's Social-Economic Development".
This work is a short presentation of the doctoral thesis “National Strategy of Social-Economic Development” (on the material of Republic of Armenia).
The author is grateful to his scientific advisor, Academician, Ph. Doctor, Professor A. Aghanbekian, assistant professor, candidate of philology Zh. Mikaelyan, Ph.D. of philosophy T. Harutyunyan and editor-in-chief of “NoyanTapan” Information-Analytical Center G. Arakelyan for their contribution and creative assistance in the completion of the project.
A. Mikaelyan. "Strategy of Armenia's Social-Economic Development". Yerevan, NT Holding, 2014, 160p.
The brochure contains an analysis of the causes of contemporary crisis situation in Armenia and an outline of the ways to come out of it.
The author's attention is focused on the analysis of essential errors made in the process of privatization and incorrect application of economic laws in Armenia. The  work contains an attempt to expose the causes of the sharp polarization in the civil society that brought to social poverty, mass emigration and other negative phenomena.
The research of the precedent-related world experience made it possible for the author to reveal the regularities of crises and methods applied for coming out of them and to show the extent to whicn it is possible to apply the same methods within the context of Armenia with her historical, cultural, financial and other types of potential resources.
For the first time an attempt was undertaken to give the definition of a united allnation resource model and to show the ways of its realization with the purpose of Armenia's successful integration into the world  market system as "an equal partner".
ISBN 978-9939-9105-1-2
(c) A.Mikaelyan, 2014
(c) Noyan Tapan, 2014