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If in the political leadership of China it is accepted to play the bridge,

in Armenia love preference.


We gave the forecast about a geopolitical situation in Armenia recently:

  and .

 But in 4 days the geopolitical situation in Armenia can life is changed, in connection with parliamentary elections of Armenia, by rules of the new Constitution of the country. Armenia passes from the authoritative - presidential management to parliamentary management of the country.

 In new parliament of Armenia, after April 2 111 deputies will sit, Wednesdays them representatives of other ethnic communities of Armenia (Russians, Kurds, Yazidi and Assyrians) will take the constant and recorded one place. A deal and structure of participants of party and political blocks in parliamentary race it was kept in secret till last day registration in the Central Election Commission of Armenia. All was on a gambling genre in preference, and the authorities of Armenia started playing "in dark".

 3 parties and 6 political blocks, the unions seek to get to new parliament. It is necessary to tell at once that all real candidates for parliament of Armenia passed test in Administration of the President of Armenia. Distribution "cards – candidates" in deputies it was distributed between four geopolitical players in Armenia: between Russia, the USA, the EU (France, England, Vatican and Germany) and Turkey. 

 As it is known: Preference (фр. préférence — preference, advantage) — gambling with bribes. Bribes make the main tool during parliamentary elections of Armenia. Preference I gained distribution in Armenia at the beginning of the XXI  century. Game is conducted three together or four together (in the latter case each player in turn misses distribution that is called "sits on buy") or together (then game is called "гусарик"). It is possible to play and more, than four together, but then game loses dynamism and interest in it decreases... Preference is commercial game, that is such game on money in which the result more is defined by ability of the player, than luck, unlike gamblings see D0%9F%D1%80%D0%B5%D1%84%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%BD%D1%81.

The owner of a table and the chief distributor of geopolitical preference in Armenia certainly is the dear president of Armenia. As, under laws of the new Constitution, the president of the country has to be elected as deputies of new parliament of Armenia, therefore - the current president of the country, has to receive completely controlled parliament. On it we don't think that there will be new surprises. But to realize conceived, the President of the country distributed maps mandates of new deputies on world geopolitical actors who are presented in Armenia. For this purpose, the president of Armenia for the last month visited France, Moscow, Germany and Brussels – for receiving "approves" from these centers. With the U.S. President Donald Trump an audience it wasn't had, but it not and is important because different structures of the USA are deeply integrated into all important governing bodies of the power of Armenia. 

  By rules of geopolitical preference, all above-mentioned world centers have to have the deputies in new parliament of Armenia. That to offend nobody! Mister president needs guarantees from these geopolitical centers, after the leaving from a position of the president of Armenia. Though according to his statement: "it can remain in Armenia and after the resignation - in the rank of the Secretary of Security council of the country or the Minister of Defence of Armenia". Our experts don't exclude also other options, in that count also opportunity the president of Armenia to become the new minister of the joint Ministry of State Safety and Police of Armenia.

 Now about "jokers" who the leaderships of Armenia "distributed" on different players of geopolitical preference under naming parliamentary elections:

1. Brussels received the: On March 21 in Yerevan the Comprehensive and Expanded Cooperation agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Armenia - cm of.: was signed and In new structure of Parliament of Armenia the group about - the western deputies will be the most numerous and according to our forecasts: 35-40 people that will make about 40% of structure of new parliament of the country.

2. Paris as the political sponsor of Armenia, after collapse of the USSR - since 1991 to this day, prevailed: except transfer of all reserves of drinking water of Armenia to property of the French company "Veolia", on March 8th during the visit to Paris, the president of Armenia made the promise "to push through" in parliament of Armenia franc - masons from structure of "Republican Party of Armenia", The Revived Armenia Party, "Armenian Congress" - the first president of Armenia of L. I rubbed - Petrosyan and from "Tsarukyan of the union": See https://ru and https://news .am/rus/news/377541.html . To the president of France the promise to solve a problem of the Artsakhsky Republic (Mountain – Karabakh), together with the Azerbaijani colleague is made: See – "Macedonia is ready to recognize independence of Nagorno-Karabakh"  - , http://www and

3. Interests of England, Vatican, Germany and Turkey in new parliament of Armenia will be to present some candidates of "Republican Party of Armenia", of "Exit Union", and from "the Armenian Revolutionary Party - Dashnaktsutyun". In new structure of parliament of Armenia they "will take" to 30 places, it approximately will make 27% of total number of deputies of parliament. Here it is necessary to notice that "Exit Union" was created as: "gift" from the president of Armenia for the U.S. President. By our calculations, they "will gather" (more correct to tell: for them will draw) to 8% of new structure of parliament that will make to 10 people. The probability of hit in parliament of Armenia of the second pro-American block of political party of "ORO" isn't enough for today and they can gain less than 4%.

4. In the Kremlin, on March 15 after a meeting with the Russian President, the president of Armenia promised to leave as the Prime minister of Armenia - about - Russian "The Gazprom manager" K. Karapetyan: See.  http://kremlin .ru/events/president/news/54043 and . At first sight it turns out that in this geopolitical preference Russia wins, having "shot" in the person of the Head of the government in new Armenia, with parliamentary management of the country. In new parliament of Armenia about - the Russian deputies at most 12-13 people, or 10% of new structure of parliament of Armenia will be taken.
 In what intrigue of "victory of Russia" in parliamentary race of Armenia? In our opinion, the Russian candidate – the current Prime minister and the protege mister Putin – K. Karapetyan, individually heading open part of the pre-election company of ruling Republican Party of Armenia (at which real rating less than 15%), I made the promise that at re-election in the Prime minister of Armenia, it by means of Russia to provide an investment (investments) into economy of Armenia - 3,2 billion US dollar. And for this purpose the purposes, 3 days ago Moscow threw "business - a landing" to Armenia, led by other Russian "shot", the billionaire S. Karapetyan from "Tashir" of Groups. As all know, all these Russian and not - the Russian billionaires participate in geopolitical games in other countries, only with the permission of secret services of the Russian Federation and other powers. We consider that K. Karapetyan remains as the Prime minister of Armenia for term at most till March, 2018. And Russia, won't be and won't be able to invest in economy of Armenia of this promised money. In this case, promises, given by the president of Armenia to mister Putin in the Kremlin on March 15, about that that it won't replace about - the Russian Prime minister from a position, can be quietly cancelled because Russia couldn't provide this volume of investment and money. As we also spoke to you at the beginning of article: Preference is commercial game, that is game on money...

  And most important: 95% of all structure of future deputies of new parliament of Armenia are "shots" of the president of Armenia, double employees of special services of the different geopolitical centers of the world. And the president of Armenia as the owner of ours of "geopolitical preference", can declare early presidential elections through a floor of year, for undertaking of the new game - to "the geopolitical bridge".

Arayik Sargsyan, academician, Honorary Consul of Macedonia in Armenia, President of Academy of Geopolitics, the Representative of AIC in Armenia and in the Countries of the Middle East.


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