GEOPOLITICS OF CHINA FROM SYRIA TO MACEDONIA. Xi Jinping recovers a route of a great campaign of the commander Alexander of Macedonian.

GEOPOLITICS OF CHINA FROM SYRIA TO MACEDONIA. Xi Jinping recovers a route of a great campaign of the commander Alexander of Macedonian.

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Our experts managed to learn that at the end of November, 2017, the Government of People's Republic of China sent the troops of a special purpose to Syria. Beijing has four main objectives:


A) Destruction of citizens of China who are at war in the ranks of the international terrorists in Syria;

B) To gain full confidence to regime of the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad (Bashar  Hafez of al — Assad  (the Arab. بشارحافظالأسد‎; sort. On September 11, 1965, Damascus), for receiving quotas on operation oil and gas a field, other construction and other infrastructures of Syria, after the end of war;

C) To become stronger in Syria, to receive military base on Syrian coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, for ensuring protection possible investment and commodity traffic on one of the direction of the Chinese program "Nova Shyolkova of the Way".

D) To create the uninterrupted transport scheme connecting the Balkan countries, especially Montenegro and Macedonia, with the Syrian seaports.

Terrorists from groups of "Islamic party of Turkestan" in Syria are still living and "work" …

The Balkan countries and Macedonia including, enter new "war" for preservations of the independence and national identity. After "reduction" of the EU, in connection with an exit of Britain, the real geopolitical war for the "small" countries of the Balkans and Eastern Europe began... .

In military aspect — in Russia consider that the Turkish military control the General Staff of Armed Forces of Macedonia. But on the other hand, England and Germany have huge influence over the government and political parties in Macedonia.

As for policy of the USA in relation to Macedonia, D. Trump's administration isn't strongly interested in the help to Macedonia, except action of the political adventurist J. Soros who really carries out political orders of Brussels and London (See the Press conference of the new appointed Honourable consul of Macedonia in Armenia Arayik Sargsyan -  http://www and See a photo No. 3 and Note verbale the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia)...

New American strategy on the Balkans consists of four key parts.

The first part — continuous military presence of the USA in Southeast Europe. According to authors of the document, the military base Camp-Bondstil in Kosovo which is now used for needs of the international forces of KFOR which are there is ideally suited for this purpose.

The second part — historical reconciliation with Serbia which "can and has to become the close partner and the ally of the USA in the region — on condition of a distancing from Russia and China".

The third part — active mediation of America in permission of regional disputes on the Balkans.

The fourth part – restriction of economic expansion from China concerning these countries...

To the new ambassador of the USA in Skopje (Macedonia), the ethnic Chinese Yi (Yee) if not to manage to try on Macedonia with Greece and Albania, to it will precisely fight "on a shoulder" against China on the Balkans. New послperhaps will also be able to limit to the USA in Skopje economic expansion from China concerning the Balkan countries; and plans of China, on creation of the uniform transport scheme — binding Syria with Macedonia and with continental Europe it won't be realized … 

To be continued.


Arayik Sargsyan, academician, Honourable Consul of Macedonia, president of Academy of Geopolitics, Representative of AMS in the Countries of the Middle East. 


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