Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman Condemns Azerbaijan's Steps to Make Arayik Ghazaryan a Tool of Public Interest

13-08-2019 18:16:58   |   |  Human Rights
Artsakh Republic Ombudsman Artak Beglaryan issued a statement on Arayik Ghazaryan's case and condemned Azerbaijan's steps to make the serviceman a public interest and a propaganda tool.
In particular, the statement says:

On August 12, the Defense Army of
the Republic of Artsakh officially informed that on the same day, a servicman, Arayik Ghazaryan, had left the combat position in a still unknown situation. Then Azerbaijani media reported that he was in the territory of Azerbaijan by publishing some photos of A. Ghazaryan.
The Ombudsman condemns the Azerbaijani side's moves to make the Artsakhi soldier a subject of public interest and a propaganda tool. It has become a traditional practice in Azerbaijan to violate the rights of Armenian civilians and servicemen under international humanitarian law,who have appeared in its territory. 
The Geneva Conventions provide for the protection of military servicemen (Geneva Convention 3, Article 13) and civilians (Geneva Convention 4, Article 27) in the territory of the Party in the armed conflict from public curiosity. In fact, this humanitarian norm is important not only to keep this vulnerable group away from the possible negative attitudes of the public, but also to make it a propaganda tool in the conflict situation.
In these case, it is important that international organizations
respond promptly to the situation and prevent further violations against Arayik Ghazaryan. In this regard, the Ombudsman is in contact with relevant state and international bodies and ready to assist in the positive resolution of the situation within his powers. 
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