Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia at AIISA: Discussion around Armenia's security environment, system and policies

23-11-2019 13:25:15   | Armenia  |  Press release

November 22, 2019, Yerevan: On November 22 the Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs hosted an off-the-record with Mr. Armen Grigoryan, Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia.
In the context of Armenia’s present-day security
environment the Secretary of the Security Council appeared with a comprehensive speech, in which he reflected to the nature of internal and external threats and challenges to the national security, security dimensions of policies pursued by
Armenia in different fields, as well as steps initiated by authorities toward withstanding them, and addressed requirements and defined guidelines for the new strategy of Armenia’s national security. In parallel, A.Grigoryan briefed the immense work of the office under his leadership after the Velvet Revolution within more than a year, which have already created prerequisites for conducting security policies on institutional and systemic basis. 
Afterwards AIISA experts and associate fellows posed questions to Armen Grigoryan on Armenia’s strategic, economic, energy, demographic, information and environmental security, not only by introducing their opinions on covered issues and questions, but also appearing with expert recommendations related to Armenia’s security sector and policy pursued by the Security Council of Armenia. 
Styopa Safaryan, AIISA founder, and Armen Grigoryan, Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia, stressed the importance of similar meetings, which are equally beneficial both to the expert community dealing with security issues to better understand country’s security policies, and authorized state bodies, who due to it have alternative observations and proposals via feedback. Participants of the discussion expressed interest and readiness to have similar meetings on a regular basis.   
Press service of the Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs (AIISA) 
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