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As already reported, on November 10 of this year, the constituent assembly of the Artsakh public human rights organization "Veradards" ("Return") was held in the capital of Armenia, which will unite the efforts of the citizens of Artsakh, Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora to solve the numerous problems of the population of Artsakh forcibly expelled from their places of permanent residence. The main goal of the newly created organization is to help the temporary settlement in Armenia and the subsequent repatriation of compatriots from Artsakh.

The founders of the Veradards organization were many well-known figures of Armenia and Artsakh. Among them, in particular, Eduard Polatov (Polatidis), chairman of the Greek Organizations of Armenia "Patrida" and "Talish-border settlements"; Semyon Babayan, chairman of the organization "Public Bulletin"; Karen Gevorgyan, film director; Vahram Aghajanyan, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Third Force Plus"; Georgy Kazaryan, coordinator of the public organization "League of Frontline Journalists"; Boris Mezhlumyan, Lieutenant Colonel, war veteran; Hrant Hayrian, former deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh, writer; Anahit Martirosyan, Lieutenant Colonel, war veteran; Susanna Aghajanyan, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Artsakh, teacher. Editor of the newspaper "Third Force Plus" Vahram Aghajanyan was elected head of the new organization.

It was noted that the founders of "Veradardz" hope for the formation of a unified coordinated policy to solve the problems of the residents of Artsakh, taking into account the opinions and positions of all strata of the Artsakh public. According to the founders, this will increase the effectiveness of all currently operating related public organizations, which are united by the nationwide idea of Veradardz – Return to their Homeland.

What are the main goals of the Veradards organization?

Eduard Polatov, a former deputy chairman of the State Committee for the Reception and Settlement of Armenian Repatriates and Refugees, primarily from Azerbaijan and Artsakh (Nagorno–Karabakh), Central Asia, Iraq, Syria and other regions of the world, who has a wealth of experience in solving problems, made an explanation of the tasks of the new social force accommodation of our compatriots from conflict zones in Armenia.

- The creation of a structure of this type is an urgent requirement of the day, - said Mr. Polatov. - Taking into account the increasing trends of luring forcibly displaced residents of Nagorno-Karabakh (NK) by a number of states in order to improve their own demographic situation, the Veradards organization intends to promote the compact settlement of Karabakh Armenians on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, countries with historically and spiritually close peoples, such as Greece, Cyprus and France, and the subsequent repatriation of the NK population in the territories previous residence. Therefore, the number one task for us is to create a compact Artsakh community on the territory of Armenia. Without this, it will be difficult to achieve the subsequent repatriation of Karabakh Armenians.

According to E. Polatov, the Veradards organization intends to develop and conduct organizational, investment and propaganda events together with the initiative part of the Armenian Diaspora, to create camps together with the diaspora for volunteers willing and able to make a feasible contribution to the implementation of well-known programs for construction, solving problems of food and economic security, development of abandoned territories. To this end, the organization will cooperate with foreign Armenian NGOs and NGOs of friendly countries in creating effective organizational structures together with the Diaspora.

Despite the questions to the authorities, the newly created structure will offer them to develop and implement guidelines for the development of regional policy together with the state. "Together with the national leadership and interested international organizations, we will try to develop specific targeted programs to encourage the repatriation of Artsakh citizens," E. Polatov said. In his opinion, in this regard, "it is very important to establish contacts with the patriotic public of the Republic of Armenia, the initiative part of the Diaspora, work on self-organization into a single structure resistant to "corrosion" in the form of internal disagreements and closely cooperate with all state structures of the Republic of Armenia and the NKR, including in information and operational terms."

Veradards will take measures to create jobs, develop local industry, including in the agricultural sector and agro-industrial cooperation. Within the framework of these initiatives, on the basis of the shift method, volunteers from among Armenians and spiritually close peoples from both Armenia and the Diaspora will be involved in agricultural work in the border area. E. Polatov is confident that this method will best serve to unite the Armenians around vital national tasks.

In order to settle the border area, representatives of the new public organization also intend to "promote, in the context of national security, the full participation of all social strata of Armenian society – reserve officers, militia veterans of the Artsakh War, economic, scientific, cultural figures, etc.". Strengthening the relationship between the army and volunteer paramilitary formations should also play an important role in these processes.

- In order to open jobs in the border region, we want to create joint ventures (JV), which will further increase the economic security of the country and make it possible to improve the social and living conditions of fellow citizens, provide employment for reserve soldiers and war veterans, - said Eduard Polatov.

These events and programs of the Veradards organization should stimulate the return to Artsakh of tens of thousands of our compatriots who were forced to leave their homeland as a result of ethnic cleansing organized by the authorities of Azerbaijan and Turkey with the assistance of other well-known states. The representatives of "Veradardz" will not put up with the current situation of the Artsakh Armenians.

You can contact the Veradards organization at the following addresses:

E-mail.  [email protected];  [email protected]

Tel․  +(374)99774500;  +(374)94383370

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