Adult education at COAT SMART Center

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The  Armenia Country Office of the German Adult Education Association (DVV International) and “Children of Armenia” Charitable  Fund (COAF) signed a memorandum on an adult education program. 
DVV International provides professional and financial assistance to COAF’s efforts. Financing is subject to the provision of funds by the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany. 
“Partnering with COAF is very important to us as it is an organization standing by village beneficiaries. We are sure that the provided assistance will be used on purpose,” mentioned Yester Hakobyan, the Armenia Country Office Director at DVV International. 
Non-formal education fosters adults’ participation in cultural, social, economic and sustainable development, and in poverty reduction. An incentive for the three-year partnership has been the essential role of the COAF SMART Center in promoting adult education and civil society development in Armenia.
“Adult Education at COAF SMART Center” program includes adult education initiatives, diverse training courses and workshops, career counseling, and community initiatives at the COAF SMART Center in Lori region of Armenia.
“COAF’s name itself indicates child-centered programs, still, our mission is to foster the sustainable development of rural communities. By partnering with DVV International, we show the population of Armenia, our communities and donors, the serious actions we take towards adult education and self-realization,” mentioned Korioun Khatchadourian, the Managing Director at “Children of Armenia” Charitable Fund.
The professional training will be provided to 120 beneficiaries, and the number will potentially increase through online and soft skills courses. Around 200 adults will be able to attend workshops and seminars on such topics as parenting skills, healthy lifestyles, and others.
COAF’s Director emphasized the work with prominent international organizations such as DVV International that has rich experience, meticulous and in-depth qualitative requirements and control mechanisms.
The partnership between DVV International and COAF began last year and it will commence in 2021 by investing a total of around fifty thousand euros in adult education. The partners are confident that working together will have greater outcomes for beneficiaries.  

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